RIP Ronnie James Dio…

To Ronnie James Dio, Rest in Peace…

It’s really sad to think that you will no longer be on the same plane as we are… Even though, your legacy will live on forever, in the seed that you helped plant, and harvest, a seed that is now known as Heavy Metal. A seed that has sprung through infinite borders, and of course, that has given all of us in the hordes a reason to live, a reason to continue hoping, a reason to keep the flame on, even in the darkest hours, when it seems like evil and sadness are going to become victorious, Heavy Metal music, your legacy, is there to inspire us, and help us through our lives, leading us to defeating our very own personal dragons…

You did defeat the dragon, my dearest friend, and you are now resting in peace, along with God, who gave you the incredible gift of your bona fide voice, which gave Heavy Metal to us, your fans, who will rejoice in your legacy, and of course, your music, with Black Sabbath, Dio, and of course, Heaven and Hell, the projects through which your gift was given to us, your fans…

Live forever, Ronnie James Dio, may your soul rest in peace, since you already defeated the dragon, and may you rest in the Peace of God, Amen

Con todo mi corazón, desde Guatemala hasta donde estés, Descansa en Paz, Ronnie James Dio



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