Software Freedom Day (Sept. 19 2009)

As most of you may have heard already, this Saturday is Software Freedom Day! (SFD). This is a celebration of Open Source and Free Software (Free as in Freedom). It is a celebration of the many freedoms software gives you, and of why it is important to ensure that the software that guarantees you those freedoms is also set free, so that people may see it and thus make sure it doesn’t give you any unexpected “surprises”.

Are you attending any SFD Celebration? why? What motivates you? At least for me, it’s the definitive fact that the future of software is Open Source. I mean, even Microsoft is thinking about Open Source technologies. For Mac users, there are lots of utilities out there that are Open Source. Linux users, there’s no need to comment on that, with even more utilities and distros out there that are Open Source too.

So, then, have a Happy SFD everyone!



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