Spiritual Brainstorm…

Isn’t it amazing how it can happen to you, that in any given night, out of the blue, ideas and thoughts about life just kind of burst out from inside your head? Very well, that’s pretty much how I feel right now…

I’ve been thinking about the many changes life has had for me over the last 2 and a half years. My grandmother(Rest in Peace), my ex-girlfriend, my family, my friends… everything’s chaged. People have come, people have gone, and it has all been a part of this bona fide dance that we call life. We love, we dance, we laugh, we cry, we cherish, we hate, we appreciate, we despise… All those actions, and the feelings and thoughts that provoke them, are, after all, what make us human.

A quick introspective ride into the soul, to the underlying core, delivering us to the collective unconscious, reveals us the real purpose of life, to achieve happiness.  As a Roman Catholic, I believe that True Happiness is something that I will achieve as I increase my faith in Jesus Christ, His Love, and the Eucharist. As someone who has practiced rituals of sorcery, occultism, and magick, I also must recognize that happiness is also something that brings us together with the ethereal, yet omnipresent Raw Energy that has, for aeons, created and destroyed not only galaxies, but also races and civilizations. That Force is what Catholics and most Christians know as God.

My cosmic goal is to find myself united to that Force, known as God, in such a way that it allows me to ascend to a higher spiritual plane, the one of peace, love, and most of all, Happiness. I am aware that I don’t exactly know which road to take, but that’s why I’ve got my spiritual guidance, right? so that I may take the proper decisions to achieve my goal of Eternal Spiritual Happiness  and Peace.



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