noises become moments of peace
moments where chaos  becomes heaven
when flames turn to ashes
and the spirits lift up from the earth

demons cry, heavens await
for a new dawn
after a long night
everything is possible
salvation is near

in this beautiful moment of trance
my thoughts become one with the earth
my head seems to explode
as does too, my body, so

these lines that I’m writing
are no product of randomness
more likely, of noisiness
that comes from my everyday activities

find your moment of peace
hace patience, and when it comes
save it all for prosperity
because you never know who might be reading
or listening
to the same noises
that you are

we are songs of ecstasy
sons of ecstasy, we are
ecstasies happened aeons back
and it all started with just a big bang

believe it or not
it matters to me not
the truth remains
death walks by our side always

remember these words
since they are product of trance
trance and ecstasy
by nature, our mother wisely

believe in me
for I am the voice inside of you
the one who makes you breathe
the one who makes you die

I have gone long before you
I’ve seen God with my own eyes
Repent, I tell ye all
before it becomes too late.

fly with the wind
fly way up high
discover new things
live life to its fullest

remember this. though
no one is superior to Him
but still, You’ve been made by Him
to be just like Him

so go on ahead, and follow His example
and please, don’t throw it all away.



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